Pig Feeds



(14,5% crude protein)

Brood Sow Meal is a complete ration containing all the essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that your breeding stock require to perform to their potential. Breeding stock should be fed according to their body condition. Boars in good condition should be fed approximately 1,8kg to 2,0kg of Brood Sow Meal per day. Lactating sows should be getting between 1 and 2kg of feed per day by the end of the1st week after farrowing. An additional 0,45kg should be given for every piglet farrowed, up to a maximum of 6,5kg. Dry sows during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy should be fed between 1,8-2,7kg per day and 2,3-3,2kg per day for 3 weeks prior to farrowing.



(13% crude protein)

As the name implies this feed targets the nutrient requirements of dry sows but is also recommended for boars. After weaning the sow should be starved of feed for 24 hours and then flushed with 3,7kg of Dry Sow Meal per day until she has been served. From then she should be fed 1,8-2,7kg per day during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and 2,3-3,2kg per day for the 3 weeks prior to farrowing.



(16% crude protein)

This feed is specially designed to be fed to lactating sows. At the first feeding after farrowing the sow should be given only water and then this feed should be increased daily from 2kg by 1 or 2kg plus 0,45kg per piglet up to a maximum of 6,5kg by one week later.



(20% crude protein)

Piglets grow on mother’s milk and supplementary creep feed. Pig Super Creep Pellets are formulated to maximise palatability for piglets to maximise early growth. They should be fed ad lib from about 7 to 56 days of age after which the piglets should be gradually phased onto Pig Grower Meal over about 7 days. The target live mass at 5 weeks of age is about 9kg.



(16% crude protein)

Pig Grower Meal is formulated to allow the best possible feed conversion from your pigs thereby improving the profitability of your operation. This is a well balanced diet to be fed to growing pigs from 8 weeks of age until they attain about 60kg live weight. At 10 to 11 weeks of age it is recommended to restrict the intake to about 1,3kg per day. From 12 weeks the feed should be increased weekly by 110 grammes per pig until a maximum feeding level of 2,2kg per pig per day is reached in the summer months and 2,3kg per pig per day in the winter months. For pigs that are of a very lean type ad lib feeding can be practiced.



(14% crude protein)

A complete feed for pigs from 60kg live weight to slaughter as baconers or heavier. Pig Finisher Meal promotes lean tissue growth allowing for better market grades. Pigs should be fed 2,0kg to 2,3kg per day unless they are of a very lean type in which case ad lib feeding may be practical. The target age to achieve baconer weight is about 175 days.



(36% crude protein)

Pig Creep Concentrate must be mixed with milled maize at a ratio of 2 parts Pig Creep Concentrate to 3 parts milled maize by mass. The resultant mix gives a balanced feed containing 19,0% crude protein, which should be fed ad lib to young piglets from 7 days to 8 weeks of age.



(28,5% crude protein)

Agrifoods Pig Grower Concentrate is designed for mixing with milled maize at a ratio of 2 concentrate to 3 milled maize by mass. This will result in a feed containing all the necessary nutrients required by a growing pig.


(28,5% crude protein)

A concentrate designed for use with homegrown maize at a ratio of one part concentrate to two parts milled maize by mass. The final mix gives a balanced diet suitable for finishing baconers from 60kg live mass to slaughter.


(24,7% crude protein)

This is a concentrate designed for us with snapcorn or milled maize at a mixing ratio of 2 parts Brood Sow Concentrate to 3 parts milled maize by mass. The mineral and vitamins needed by the lactating sows are included in the concentrate in appropriate ratios. The final feed is suitable for gilts, boars and sows.