Special Feeds



(14% crude protein)

This feed is often referred to as the convenient feed, as it is a non-heating, well balanced supplement to roughage for horses and ponies. It can be used to feed all equines in ordinary work as well as those competing at shows. For example a 400kg mature horse performing light work should receive about 3kg of this meal to supplement about 4,5kg of good quality rhodes grass hay per day.



(10% crude protein)

Due to the demand on the local market for a feed of this nature, Agrifoods has come up with High Fibre Pony Meal. Because this meal is high in fibre (25%) and low in protein (10%) it can be used as a complete diet for equines which is non-heating, but can create or maintain condition. It is formulated especially for riding school ponies but may be used to supply extra bulk feeding to crossbreeds and thoroughbreds. A mature 400kg horse performing light work should be able to maintain its condition on about 6kg of this meal per day.



(18% crude protein)

Stud Breeders Feed is designed for breeding champions. It is a high protein supplement for the mare and foal, with emphasis on the essential vitamins, amino acids and minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, to optimize growth and bone development in the foal. A suckling foal of 3 months of age weighing 125kg should receive 2,2kg of this feed per day and gradually start to take in good quality hay so that by 2 years of age the hay intake is about 3,9kg with 2kg of Stud Breeders Feed.


(15% crude protein)

This feed is designed to supply the nutrients needed for promoting rapid growth, sound bone structure and good muscle development during the first 2 years of growth. This is a high energy feed with soyabean meal, calcium and essential vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to replace Stud Breeders Feed from weaning at 6 months to 2 years of age by which time about 2kg of Weanling/Yearling Pellets should be balanced with about 3,9kg of good quality hay for light training.



(14% crude protein, 1% urea)

This is a palatable, high energy pen fattening feed containing all the necessary vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E and selenium. Lambs are usually weaned at about 4 months of age when they are consuming about 200g per day of a creep feed such as Calf Starter Pellets. In the finishing pens gradually phase out the creep feed and replace it with ad lib roughage and about 200g per day of lamb Fattener Cubes. Over 10 days gradually increase the cubes until the lambs are receiving them ad lib. Lambs coming to the pens at 20kg can be expected to gain about 18,5kg of live mass and consume about 93kg of cubes in 90 days.



(13% crude protein, 1,5% urea)

This is also a palatable, high energy pen fattening feed containing all the necessary vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E and selenium. However, it differs from the Lamb Fattener Cubes in that it is much higher in molasses, contains 0,5% more urea and 1% less crude protein. An on-farm trial carried out by Dr. Gammon of Agrifoods found that this feed was cheaper per unit of live mass gain for pen finishing lambs than the cubes because of its significantly lower cost per tonne. Lambs coming into the pens at 20kg can be expected to gain about 18kg and consume about 103kg of meal in 90 days.


This feed is also recommended for use as a general purpose winter supplement. For example, a mixed sheep flock should receive about   0,75kg of this feed per day as a winter supplement. However, because the supplementary feed required by a lactating ewe is so much higher than for all the other classes of sheep we strongly recommend that they be herded and   fed 1.3kg per day of this meal separately.